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Yom Kippur Appeal

September 2016/ Elul 5776  

Dear Members and Friends of Bais Abraham:

Bais Abraham is engaging and inspiring Jewish people in so many new ways, but we need your help to continue the work! 

During this past year, several secular Israeli families joined Bais Abraham's new two-year B’nei Mitzvah program giving them the opportunity to add a religious component to their children’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations. In addition, Bais Abe hosted Shalom Shabbat services and dinners, which drew close to 150 people from diverse backgrounds, added new Torah and Talmud classes, held a fundraiser to explore how to better make our community accessible to all, ran a nine-session dialogue group exploring race, installed a state of the art children's playground, and so much more.   

To help us continue and grow as a shul where all Jews are welcome and Jewish tradition thrives, we have hired Ginat Midler as Bais Abraham’s new Program Director. Ginat, who comes to St. Louis from Israel with her husband Tal, will be working with children’s programming on Shabbat mornings, and engaging the Bais Abe community through outreach and new programs.  

As we do each year at this time, we ask for your support of our Yom Kippur appeal, which is a critical component of the financial resources the shul needs to function and to grow. If you have given before, thank you for your past support.  We hope you will contribute again this year. If you have not given before, we ask you to join our other members and friends and contribute this year. We are very grateful that our Board is leading the way by its 100% commitment to this year’s appeal.   

You may remit your donation by sending a check in the enclosed envelope, or by using a credit card or PayPal on our web site,  We offer naming opportunities as a way to honor or memorialize a loved one, as indicated on the enclosed form. 

Please also consider ways you may be able to donate time and effort to the shul.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with our many programs and implement new ones! Call us to talk about your passions, your skills, your likes and let us see where you can help . . . whether it’s one hour a week or one hour a month.  We are sure everyone has friends who are unaffiliated . . . what better way to engage them and help the shul grow than by telling them why you are part of the Bais Abe community and what you love about our shul, and inviting them to an event.

Thank you for your support!  With our best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year,    


Rabbi Hyim Shafner

Rob Wasserman, President

Daniel Scharf, Development Chair

Your donation will help Bais Abe thrive!

Sun, May 27 2018 13 Sivan 5778