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It seems like there are always a million events going on that in the Lou but it's hard to hear about many them unless you're specifically looking for them or have a friend whose "in the know." The idea behind this calendar is to provide both a centralized source of information on cool events (both Jewish and non-Jewish) going on each month in the general St. Louis area as well as a forum for coordinating outings to the events themselves.  We'll do our best to keep the calender up-to-date with events WE think are interesting, but if you hear of anything interesting going on that we've missed EMAIL US (YABA.Events@baisabe.com) or let us know here so we can add it in.  This is still a work in progress so let us know if you have any suggestions.
*Next Dor Events Appear in RED on the Calendar
*Moishe House Events Appear in GREEN on the Calendar
**NOTE: All Muny events (white on Blue background) have about 1200 free seats if you don't mind sitting in the back rows.