Ongoing Adult Education

Everyone is welcome to all classes, no prior knowledge required.
These are ongoing classes. See the home page or the shmooze for other special learning experiences and classes.






Time & Place

Basics of Judaism      Rabbi Shafner Mondays, 7:30p at Bais Abe
"Torah on Tap" Rabbi Shafner & Community Leaders Periodic Monday nights. See Shmooze for exact dates and times. 
Book of Samuel Rabbi Shafner

Tuesdays, 10:00a. Tallin Theater at Crown Cafe, Crown Center, 8350 Delcrest

Men's Talmudic Study Rabbi Shaya Mintz Wednesdays, 8:00p at Bais Abe
Hebrew Prayer Reading  Ruth Schachter Thursdays, 7:00p at Bais Abe
Intermediate Talmud Rabbi Shafner Thursdays, 12:00p at Bais Abe
“Deepen Your Davening":
Explanatory Prayer Class
Rabbi Shafner


Each Shabbat, approx. 10:30a at Bais Abe in the Gardner Beit Midrash

Hinenu Shabbat Study Group Stuart Klamen Each Shabbath, 1 hour before Mincha
"Mesillat Yesharim" (Path of the Just) Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto aka the RaMCHal Stewart Shilcrat Sunday mornings after Minyan (approx. 9:15 a). Learning is being done for the zechus of the Neshamah of Michah Avraham ben Pesha v'Shmuel, Micah Abraham Lemerman Shilcrat 
Shalhevet Women's Kollel Maharat Rori Picker Neiss/ Jack Shapiro


Sundays, 7:30p- 8:30p at Bais Abe


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